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Wood Carving Studio
8 Australia Street
Hurstville NSW 2220

P: (02) 9558 7332
M: 0413 830 534

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Religious Statues

Artisan Engelbert Piccolruaz has developed a background as a parish commissioned wood carver and has a well known reputation for his fine work in producing religious artwork in Australia and worldwide.

His lengthy experience with Christian artwork has allowed him to nurture a great understanding of the particular requirements of Catholic parishioners to produce religious statues, wood carvings, plaques and reliefs.

His wooden sculptures are executed on prime quality timbers and mostly left natural with a light coat of stain. This finish results in an enhancement of the beauty of the timber.

Engelbert can also be commissioned to do a non-religious art. This is an opportunity to come directly to the Artisan, instead of going through a distributor. He can objectively advise you about size, specifications and individual requirements of the wood carvings.

Wooden Sculptures

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” I’m a Pergola builder and I was looking for just the right woodent art piece for my office and Engelbert was very helpful. If fact he went extra to help and deliver the artwork  to our office in South Sydney. I highly recommend , the work is amazing.”

Best wooden art I have ever encountered in Sydney NSW. I have been buying all my wooden art for my Liverpool driving school office for 10 years. The people here are very nice and helpful. The selection is terrific. The artwork is well made and they’ll make anything to order and send it to you. Wonderful selection, from routine to very fine quality, at affordable rates. Zero pretentiousness. Just an amazing location!