Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size can you make the woodcarvings?
Any size starting from 50cm and up.

2. What type of timber are the woodcarvings made from?
Kauri is generally used.

3. How long will it take you to complete a woodcarving for me?
It all depends on the size, number of figures and whether it is a statue or a plaque.

4. How much will it cost me for you to create the woodcarving for me?
Again, it depends on the amount of work a sculpture has. This in turn is determined by the size and number of figures. Usually a quote is given after a discussion about the project with you so the artist has a clear idea of the amount of work involved.

5. Can you create the carvings in materials other than timber to create Bronze Art?
Yes. After the timber statue has been carved, we can cast it in Bronze.

6. Can the woodcarving be painted to suit particular requirements?
Yes, we can paint according to your specifications and make suggestions. Additionally, we can also stain the statue to enhance the structure of the statue.

7. Can I see some of your works and discuss prices?
Yes, we can come to you to show you examples of our work and discuss any details about the project and the costs involved.

Inquiries can be made to commission your piece of religious art or a wood sculpture as per your personal specifications. Please, contact artisan on (02) 9558 7332 or via email: